Welcome to the SEAFOODplus Research Platform

The Integrated Project SEAFOODplus finished as planned on time by the end of 2008 after five full years of operation. For details on the project and results please open the door Previous FP6 research project when opening www.seafoodplus.org. But the successful collaboration could not stop just because the planned project period came to an end. A Research Platform was thus launched in 2009 based on the good experiences obtained in the project period. The founding members were the previous partners in the FP6 project, but new members have also joined, and there is still an opening for recruiting new members. The vision and the mission of the SEAFOODplus Research Platform can be found in the panel to the left. The main purpose is to pursue and coordinate the best seafood research, with the main focus on Europe, but with a wider view towards the rest of the world. Members can be research groups, academic institutions, or industry. SME’s are particularly welcome.

Interesting workshops are in the making!
The SEAFOODplus Research Platform and its members organise workshops on a regular basis. New workshops will be announced here at this site. The workshops are for members only.
However, SEAFOODplus Research Platform still has an opening for recruiting new members.
Please contact us to get more information on our workshops or on how to become a member.
More news on workshops will follow